Laurie Oxenford is an emerging Australian sculptor, producer, curator and painter based in the Gold Coast region. Her practice mixes a range of contemporary sculptural techniques including painting, assemblage, deconstruction and utilizing recycled materials to alter functional found objects. She also considers how context establishes new dialogues between artworks, spaces and viewers.

Her work comments on society’s relationship with sustainability, the role of material in art and different ways of constructing conceptual meaning. Oxenford explores waste facilities, second-hand outlets and industrial landscapes that offer recycled, environmentally affected items such as metal signs, building materials, and everyday objects, which inspire, direct and become the starting point for her creative process. She explores how the context for these objects affects their meaning and in turn, how they change the space they inhabit. Recently, she has begun exploring film photography to document her found materials in their initial environmental context.

Through referencing the Art Povera, assemblage, minimalism and conceptual art movements, Laurie delves into the deconstruction and reconstruction of function, purpose and intention. Her practice is tied passionately to recycled materials, which allows her to think dynamically and laterally, exploring all possibilities and material facets in depth. She is constantly considering the value of her materials and then her role as the artist in altering this perception for her audience.

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Raised on a lavender farm in south-east Queensland, Laurie Oxenford (b. 1997) is an emerging artist, producer and curator. She recently completed her Bachelor of Creative Arts majoring in Visual Arts and Business at the University of Southern Queensland. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across the state, and is a part of private collections nationally. She is currently undertaking a Professional Attachment Program with Art-Work Agency at the Gold Coast supported by the City of Gold Coast Council. In this role Laurie is working with Art-Work to produce and deliver 4 public art projects on the Gold Coast.

Laurie was the lead Curator in 2018 at First Coat Studios, Toowoomba where she developed a monthly exhibition program fostering critical ideas and practices in contemporary art. As a recent graduate, she is developing her professional practice in preparation for further professional growth in France. She was recently granted the USQ Bellmaine French Appreciation Scholarship, affording her the opportunity to participate in curatorial placements and creative residencies throughout France in 2020.

Her background in marketing, social media and content creation has informed her passion for finding new and innovative ways to share art practices and creative content in the digital sphere. Laurie has developed a passion for advocating for young artists and the role the arts plays in her local community through contributing to Future. Now. Youth Forum. She has also facilitated recycled sculptural building workshops sharing her love for accessible and sustainable art making. 

Photo by Kirsty Lee.